Whats up! Im Tan Kok Kiong. Im 18, live in Singapore & currently studying at Singapore Polytechnic. I love to swim, play basketball with my friends, hanging out to talk and one day I would love to travel overseas with my family and friends. To date, I had finally passed my basic theory test (BTT) after failing twice within a year. I would like to get my driving license as soon as possible so that I will be able to go on a wonderful roadtrip with my friends. I have currently only visited malaysia, hongkong, taiwan, and thailand. I would really want to be able to visit maldives before it sinks under the sea level.

My results:
PSLE: 181
N levels (emb3): 10
O levels (l1r4): 15

To contact me
Email: tan.kok.kiong.38@gmail.com
Phone: 91702630