Primary School

I was a naughty kid, playing and disturbing everyone with every chance I get. The most memorable event that happened is going on a learning journey with my class to cameron highlands. It was the best as it was the first time I had gone out of Singapore with my friends. I remember going to strawberry field and insisted that I wanted the ice cream that the place was selling. Come to think of it, I was very rude as a children.

Secondary School

I remember first going to secondary school. It was aweful hahaha. It was I felt judge because I was in the normal academy stream. But as time passes and I became friends with awesome people, I come to realise that my life in secondary school wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was the best time I ever had. I love my teachers whom gave me courage and motivation to study hard for the national exams, and they are more like my close friends than teachers.

My cca in secondary school is badminton. Apart from my class, Im also close to my cca members. We had gone through tough trainings together, been through sad times after working so hard and not making to the second round of north zone badminton competition. I remember some of us will always go to macdonald to have our dinner together every Friday after training.